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Other Churches

The doctrines and practices that we made public through this site and through the Seminars do not belong to any union of churches, denomination, or independent church, for they are doctrines revealed in the Holy Scriptures. The Work that is being done in the churches that live according to these doctrines and practices is not led by any particular pastor or church in a world level. This Work is led by the Lord Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, who, naturally, uses the servants of God who are willing to obey him.

This Work that is being carried out by the Holy Spirit, a work of obedience to the doctrine and life dedicated to the edification of the Church, is open to the participation of any pastor who believe in the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, in the baptism with the Holy Spirit and in the operation of the spiritual gifts today, who also wish that the Lord Jesus be the Head of the Church in practical (not only theoretical) terms and that the “brethren dwell together in unity.”

We understand that, as they engage in this Work of the Holy Spirit, a decision to be made before the Lord, churches and pastors will start to seek and receive specific orientations from the Lord to direct the local church and for the carrying out of the work of evangelization. The Lord himself, through the spiritual gifts, will direct these churches, which do not need to be under any super-church in the world level. In the case of a union (association) of churches, in the same manner, the group of pastors of this union may directly seek from the Lord the orientations that are necessary for their associated pastors and churches.

On the other hand, the participation in this site is also open to all who understand the need to put into practice the 7 theses that we consider essential so that the church may have all the necessary resources for its edification and to the preparation for the rapture, for all of them are clearly exposed in the Holy Scriptures. We understand that it would not be productive to allow the participation of those who wish to refute any one of these theses.