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Bible - faith and practice
Jesus, Head of the Church
Church - Body of Christ
The Power of the Blood of Jesus
9 Spiritual Gifts and 5 Ministries
The Unity of the Body
Jesus' return for his Church

Prophetic moment
Doctrine and life
Customs and Ceremonies
Other Churches
Interpreting the Bible and the Holy Spirit
Soli Deo Gloria
How to Start the Work of the Spirit in a Church

Gifts and Evangelism
One Body, One Faith
Seeking Spiritual Gifts
Martyrs and Witnesses
The Direction of the Spirit

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Contact us

We are ready to receive inquiries from pastors or Church leaders who may become interested in asking questions about our teachings and objectives, or especially about this Work of the Holy Spirit that aims to make possible the rule of the Lord Jesus over His church and of promoting the spiritual communion among different church unions, denominations and independent churches.

Pastors and leaders who desire to be led by the Lord Jesus through His Spirit, to receive spiritual gifts or to live in fellowship with other churches may write to us and ask practical questions about these themes and we will be glad to answer you. We will receive any question or any communication about your desire to become more involved in this Work of the Holy Spirit with love.

Besides, we will do our best to send pastors to visit you wherever in the world you may live, in case a visit may prove necessary so that you may have a better understanding of the Lord’s will concerning these teachings and so that you may be able to put into practice the 7 Theses listed in this Site.

Write to us and we will answer you in one of the following languages, according to your preference: English, French, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Ukrainian.